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I'll be taking the summer off therefore the studio will be closed from June-September...with the exception of bellies to babies clients.

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Monday, August 30, 2010

the wise choice!

what a pleasure it was to shoot some campaign shots for the next state representative for district 115! so if you live is district 115 please go to his website and find out a little more about him and why he really is the wise choice.

felling generous?
Who is Dr. Jeffrey Solomon?

now about our shoot. what a super fantastic family. they are the "royal family of pinecrest" ok i kid! but really they are wonderful in so many ways. if my young children grow up to have even a fraction kindness and respect as dylan and nikki...then whew! i lucky!

the younger solomon is one of my daughters friends and sweet as can be. just look at those ponytails. (you have no idea the bribery behind them!) so if you happen to see this little cutie then join me in ganging up on her and tell her how cute she looks with ponytails!

oh yeah and if you thought you saw a baby bump... well then you did! jenn is preggers with number 4. really jenn? you're not perfect enough? she's a room parent, boy scout mom, girls scout mom and volunteers for everything having to do with her children and school. (i'm exhausted just typing that and... know what...she never complains!)

ok now about the gold coast railroad museum. if you haven't been there then grab the kids, rev up the minivan and step on it! such a cool place for very small children to adults. if you have a small one then don't leave without checking out the model train building. please go and support them, it's a fun place with so much history to learn!

felling even more generous?
click here! choo choo

kevin bacon and co...

do i love this family? yes and i know i've said it before! i love the mommy, the daddy, the kids, the cousins, the grandma, the grandpa and the aunts, uncles and cousins in houston! i love 'em all!



look at this little peanut. he was such a good boy...i mean really good. slept the entire shoot...except when i would move him. he does like like being disturb! he'd complain a little but then back off to dream land. he did wake up and get upset at the end of our shoot when he found out i was leaving :)

(jayden is a b2b so maybe next time you see him he'll have some chuncky rolls!)


ok are these little lips yummy or what?

love this one!!

he balanced all by himself! told ya he was good!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

ashley and dylan...

remember these guys? they are a b2b clients and i can't tell you how much i've enjoyed seeing "my babies" grow. when they pulled up to the shoot and took the kids out of the car a red head appeared. she was not a red head when she was born. well now ashley has the most beautiful red hair and blue eyes! thanks guys i had fun!

lucy in the sky with diamonds...

lucy was welcomed into the family about two weeks ago. mom said to me before the shoot (somehitng baby photogs never wnat to hear) "she's not a good sleeper" uh uh mom. she slept though our entire session and woke up just at the end. she is such a sweetie and me shooting all of these yummy babies is dangerous i tell you! dangerous! my husbands reads my blog and after reading this post he might just sabotage my baby business :)

thanks lucy for a great morning!

i love this one!

welcome jaden...

he's here, he's here! ella has a brother!!! enjoy the newest addtion to one of my favorite familes ever! he's so yummy! and looks just like his sister when she was a baby.

here's the beary-licious big sister!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

dylan...what a clown!

ok so dylan's not a clown...i am. i have said it before and i'll say it again...I LOVE JULIE! and any client that is up for fun silly stuff.

now get ready i'm going to get quite philosophical on you...are you ready?

it's deep and make keeping you awake at night...and it is a gross understament when i say to you that what you are about to read will rock your world and might possibably change who you are as a person.

ok here goes...

" life is short peoples and silly should be in abundance!"

that could very well be my life philosophy, manifesto or even doctrine if you will. spread the word my silly peeps!

(and perhaps someone should take note!'re going to need to write something on my headstone when i pass)

thanks guys you were awesome. i'll blog more tomorrow. but here are just a couple of my favorites!

in the words of the very wise and stylish rachel zoe...this is bananas!

i'll title this one: "silly in abundance"!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


ok this might have been our sweatiest shoot this year. we were ALL drenched within about 15 minutes. still fun though.

thanks're fierce and HOT, HOT, HOT!

and i totally have your holiday card planned already!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

welcome jack!

jack just moved into the neighborhood. please help me welcome him. jack is my junior league friend mary's new son. (i know that was a goofy sentence)

he's 14 days old today and such a good boy. he basically slept through our entire shoot.

here's my favorite from the day....

don't you just want to kiss the tip of his nose???

i love a wrinkled baby butt!!!

makes my heart smile...

and i'm not sure why but this is my second favorite...

good luck mary and bill! also keep an eye on the snp blog mary is a bellies to babies client so we get to see mr. jack grow up over the next year!

ella and co. (lots of company)

These guys are why I can feed my family...i kid. but i am to amanda what larry birkhead was to anna nicole smith. (no not baby daddy!) i'm darn near their personal photographer. again i kid. anyway here's ella with her parents who are expecting again! ella you are going to be such a good big sister! amanda is doing the b2b (bellies to babies) package again just like she did with ella. to find out more about b2b go to and click on products.

radiant!!! (as usual)

radiant girl number 2!

i love how sweet this is...