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I'll be taking the summer off therefore the studio will be closed from June-September...with the exception of bellies to babies clients.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

chelsea and co.

i donate quite a few gift certificates throughout the year to various organizations, charities and schools. chelsea recently won a session fee with the studio. they are members of the bilingual cooperative preschool... an adorable preschool in south miami across from sunset elementary. Mis niños tuvieron el adorando más y alimentando experiencia. hey it's bilingual! it gave them such a wonderful introduction to school. most in part by the two shining hearts that teach and run the school...mrs gina and mrs. ana ra-re-ya. (my kids could not say ana maria.) click here to check them

so chelsea and i met on the beach for an early morning melt...i mean shoot. had so much fun...sarah and simon are just adorable as you are about to see.

look at this belly!

love this one!

this is my fav...i'm a sucker for a baby butt!


Friday, May 28, 2010

gussin - balloon drama = good stuff!

yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy!

Thanks guys...hope you guys like.

i really love the look on her face. (smiling kiddies are overrated if you ask me? I know you didn't!)

awww doggie kisses! (they need love too!)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

meet linda...

if you have ever met me you know that i'm never at a loss for words...never. but now i am. not sure what to say other than meeting linda has changed me. for the better. this is one of the most delightful families i have ever photographed. being the mother of small children there is a part of me that dreads them growing up. they won't think i'm cool, will not want to spend time with me, they'll think that everything i say is stupid and many more harsh realities that will make me wish they were six again. however meeting linda and her children today gives me much hope. some people might argue that you can't know someone in a hour...i disagree.

i saw into the beautiful heart and soul of this family today. thanks guys for inviting me in.


so many good shots from today...these were just a few of my favorites! (and i know what you are thinking...she was so speechless after all)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

my yummy little conner...

connor is a b2b baby and just like all of them I have loved watching him grow. he's really crawling and exploring. he unfortunately explored a set of steps with his face on our shoot. he got a teeny boo-boo on his right check but recovered quickly! i love that this mom wanted to shoot in a fun location. PEOPLE: matheson hammock is beautiful but there are many other FANTASTIC locations in miami too!

i'm pretty sure i photograph the most beautiful eyes in miami!

enjoy this yummy-licious boy!

ooooh awwww!

you tell'em conner...we are canon people!

ooooh awwww awwww!! this makes me happy.

do you know that babies can double as dumbbells?

thanks guys... once again you were great!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

jill and co.

so this is a pretty neat family. repeat clients that hired me last year...boy have these kiddies grown and there is a new addition to the family! the two daughters got their mom a gift certificate this year....very sweet. photography gift certificates (with me or anyone) are such a lovely gift that sometimes times people will not get for themselves. i love that they choose photography as a way to freeze life!

anyway they are super cute and i loved photographing them again. enjoy!

here are the grandparents with their beautiful grandchildren...


yummy ben! who was new to this year's shoot... more of him at the bottom :)

beautiful eyes...this runs in the family.

love the love!!

emily look at those eyes!!!

this is totally one of my favorites from the day!

plucked right out of the's dripping from his feet!

more yummy eyes. see a pattern here?

not sure which nose i want to bite first!

another fav!

told ya there'd be more bottom at the bottom...

not only is this my favorite from the day it is now one of my all time favorites! this is a great example of how these shots come about. the shoot was over...for the most part. and mom decided to let him sans clothes. i hope, hope, hope she lets me put this on my website! i have talked about this with other photographers and they agree. these accidental shots happen sometimes when you are packing up to leave the shoot. some of my best shots have happened under those circumstances.

Friday, May 21, 2010

vivian and co.

i met vivian sometime last year. her son (LORENZO aka lawrence) attends the gordon school of beth david. i'm very fortunate to be invited each year to participate in their holiday bazaar. i go to the school one month before the bazaar and photograph every child at the school...WHEW! it's a fast and furious day. then i sell the portraits on the day of the bazaar. it's so much fun and i've participated for two years now... hopefully i'll be invited back for many more years. (thanks karen for making it happen for me!) BUT the very best part is having the kids recognize me when i that!

anyway as you can imagine it's also a great way to get my name out there. where is there? well i'm glad you the hands of super cool and fun clients like vivian.

which leads me to this blog post. i shot vivian and her family yesterday and they were just great. and a little on the gorgeous side too. vivian is such a sweet soul and i'm certain of that even by only spending an hour or so with her. you know how sometimes you just know? enjoy! thanks vivian! you and your family are beautiful!

these two are sooo in love! can't you see it in their eyes!?! what are they saying in that last photo? "stay back photog... keep your distance!"

there is something so wrong about this! attention: DO NOT SQUASH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! they have the "power"...power??? photoshop! :)

joey GQ called and said stop wasting your time with small time photographers like me and come back!

soo pretty!

and finally here's yummy lorenzo!

here was my little set up this year at beth david. all the skittles and peanut butter m&m's you could eat!