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I'll be taking the summer off therefore the studio will be closed from June-September...with the exception of bellies to babies clients.

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shanna nye photography

Thursday, September 30, 2010

remember these guys?

tory and alexa the famous hat twins. they are now on practically every piece of marking for shanna nye photography. they were yummy then and even yummier now. can't wait for our one year shoot. mom and i are already scheming in the wardrobe department! thanks jami fun morning. hey don't forget to go to facebook and "like" me! click here: Shanna Nye Photography on Facebook

look who got shoes! get ready jimmy choo your sales are getting ready to go through the roof...well it might be a few years. anyway they were certainly amazed by their blinged out shoes.

Monday, September 27, 2010


ivy and ashleigh are my newest b2b clients. ivy was such a good girl and a big one weighed 9 pounds at birth. had a fun morning with them. thanks you guys...and you too grandma!

ove this one...beautiful!


beautiful family. miami is such a small city. when michelle contacted me we realized that we had a very good common friend. i love stories like that. anyway super fun shoot with these guys and really gorgeous kids! thanks guys! aside from all of the sweating hope you had fun!

alex today...

that's alex back in 1984..

love this one! you are NEVER too old to do the airplane!

Friday, September 24, 2010

adrian...the mover & shaker

i meet adrian this morning and boy is he cute, sweet and oh so yummy BUT he was not falling for -OR- have anything to do with my whole "baby whisper" notion. adrian was NOT buy what I was sellin'! oh well still fun and every time i shoot the newborn session i feel so fortunate to do what love. doesn't dad look like matt lauer? and lorena looks fantastic! my jelly belly is bigger than hers! errrr!

i can tell you that almost NEVER my favorite newborn shots inclucde the parents..but not these! I love these and this one of just adrian and lorena is my favorite from the day!!!

the good news is that for our next shoot...sitting up. we don't need him to sleep! they are b2b clients so you'll get to watch this little guy grow up and trust the way he's eating??? its' going to be fast!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


so it's taken me quite a while to blog about my recent trip to pétionville a commune and a suburb of port-au-prince. quite honestly i didn't know what to say. i came back and was asked by everyone "how was your trip?" how do you answer that kind of question. my response was either "amazing period OR do you have two hours?" so just said amazing.

i went there for two reasons. I was searching for why my dear friend chose to return (5 years ago) to the country where she grew up. and to help her with a wonderful business she and a friend are starting. more about that later.

when i found out that my friend was moving back to haiti, i along with many of her friends said "why?" "who would ever want to live in haiti?" during my recent trip it all became very clear to me.

haiti is a beautiful county with beautiful people. passionate people who love their county. this describes melis. she is a passionate person in love with her country. she originally returned to take over the family business. and soon found herself committed to the business and her country.

then of course after the could she leave? abandon the business and all of the loyal employees that have given so much over the years. they depended on her and their job.

everyday, minute, and second that she stays, she is directly affecting the lives of so many people. i'm certain they are grateful. the people of haiti are very grateful people.

ok now a little about my trip. I received the royal treatment as soon as i boarded the plane in miami. she took such good care of me down to the last minute and tears we shed as i left coming home. i was sad to leave my friend. though she lives a very fortunate life there things are not easy for her. she puts herself last right behind everyone else. i want more for her. i want her to take care of herself for awhile.

~ to give without any reward, or any notice, has a special quality of its own.
~ anne morrow lindbergh

muah melis!

i loved this lady. i said to melis say something to make her laugh because the first few shots i took of her were so serious. not sure what melis said but she made her face light up...(classic meslis).

beautiful mountain side...

it's nearly impossible to find a building that did not have damage...

this was once someone's home...

the destruction is frankly overwhelming. you literally can't believe what your eyes are telling you.

tent cities: it is estimated that 2-5 million homeless people are living in tents.

this is sashita in the middle (melissa's daughter) and her friends...

in contrast of the above photos this is a classic gingerbread house .these faded gems of haitian architecture were nicknamed “gingerbread” houses by American tourists in the 1950s.

and lastly...melis...l'ange

~our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.
~john adams

more about the company when they launch the website! there so much more to tell. i want to help them tell the entire story of haiti. not just what the media wants you to see. will do so when they launch!

Monday, September 13, 2010

stacey and co.

this was totally one of my favorite maternity sessions ever. not even sure where to begin. stacey is so photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera. riley is the most amazing two year old. two is a very tough age to photograph...not this "little lady-o"! she was more well behaved than most kids twice her age. and josh was super cool and down with having a photo shoot. which is not always the case with the daddy-o's. see below... when all of these things come together an amazing shoot happens.

thanks guys!


saved my very, very favorite for last...stunning!

ethan... almost walking!

wowie is this guy CUTE? another beautiful shoot with ethan.

ethan is a b2b baby...i know... not a baby anymore. well yes he is. but look how big he had gotten. and so so cute. i'm really sad that our package is over i can only hope they continue to appreciate capturing different stages of his life and include me. you guys have be a joy and lots of fun. thanks!