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Studio Hours: Monday-Friday 11-4

I tend to book up about 2-3 weeks out. If you are interested in booking a session please schedule accordingly.
(in other words don't call the studio asking if we can shoot one day this week silly goose!)

I'll be taking the summer off therefore the studio will be closed from June-September...with the exception of bellies to babies clients.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

meredith and co.

here's meredith and her beautiful "company"! scroll down to see her with her sister amy! are beautiful!! (i want to see their mom and dad!)

amy and co.

amy called me to book the b2b package and then really excited me when she said her sister was pregnant and wanted to book the package as well! ok now here's where the excitement comes in...they are due about 4 days apart! so follow the blog because... can you imagine how incredible the newborn shoots are going to be? yes we are doing them together!

seriously look stunning!!

i'm not going to tell you what this clown jeremy was up to just seconds before i shot this! naughty boy! (what fun!)

though shoting in full sun is not at all ideal...i really love this!

the byrd girls...

these girls are so precious. makes you realize what a wonderful miracle twins really are!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

so slammed....

gorgeousness coming up this week (in this order)

Byrd...yummy twin girls (first communion)
Frank and Grodin super cute pregnant sisters
Bogert...beautiful quince and family

Friday, March 25, 2011

georgie and co.

crazy good! i could gush on and on but it's late and you can see for yourself the yum-y-ness below...


This is one of my favorite clients...yes I play that way. sorry. anyway, check out the four generations. I would never say great-grandma's age but let me tell you she looks good! and she walks around in heels on the beach. thanks guys! hope dinner was great!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

sasha and co.

i recently had the pleasure of meeting this lovely family. rachel is preggers with baby # 2 and i love that they don't know what they are having. (i never had the patience to do that.) sasha is convinced that it is a girl and WILL be named after one of the disney princesses!

not tooting my own horn...oh wait yes i am! BUT most kids dig me. i must say that sasha really thought i was all that and a super sized bag of chips and the feeling was quite mutual. what a sweetie. enjoy some of my favorites from our session.


here's my little muffin...

sasha could not reach high enough to kiss "belle, cinderella, ariel or jasmin" so she had to tug on rachel's shirt and that is soooo my favorite thing about this photo.

love , love , love...

Thanks guys for a great session!

Friday, March 11, 2011


claire is a graduating bellies 2 babies babe! not such a babe any more...she's grown up so fast. it has been a really joy watching her grow this past year.

glad i finally got to meet michael (claire's older brother) on this shoot. what an awesome young man.

i've really enjoyed becky and oliver as clients this past year too. hummm how am i going to continue down a path with them...oh yeah... becky needs to get knocked up again...hear that oliver? come on baby number 2 i'm waiting on you!!!

welcome emmy!

meet emmy. she was such a good girl...quite the sleepy head.

i love going to houses and finding interesting things. this family had such a cool home (as you will see) this egg like container was a real "find"! doesn't she look like she just hatched!