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Studio Hours: Monday-Friday 11-4

I tend to book up about 2-3 weeks out. If you are interested in booking a session please schedule accordingly.
(in other words don't call the studio asking if we can shoot one day this week silly goose!)

I'll be taking the summer off therefore the studio will be closed from June-September...with the exception of bellies to babies clients.

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shanna nye photography

Saturday, February 27, 2010

audrey..."the face" of shanna nye photography

audrey was one of my very first clients. i'm still using her baby pics in most of my marketing. i just adore this family...the sisters, moms, aunts, name it. if ever a nice jewish family wanted to adopt a good ol' country girl from nc...i'm your girl! :) some of them are from texas soooo could be a smooth transition for me? love you guys!

gorgeousness runs in the family! meet her new brother logan...

oh man...are you kidding me? look at those lashes. i'm paying $120 a bottle for latisse?

Friday, February 26, 2010

megan...what a big girl.

a lot of "my" babies (2 bellies) are starting to sit up. remember megan? she is such a smile-puss! well here she is sitting like a pro! oh yeah...she has the most beautiful red hair just like her two sisters.



one stop shop!

let us be your destination for beautifully designed custom invites, thank you's, birth announcements, holiday cards and anything you can think up! here a recent birthday invite for a lucky little boy who is having a early morning doughnut and pj party in the park! fun, fun, fun!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

caleb bear!

remember this little guy?

not so little anymore...well, yes he is but he sure is growing.

(my fav from the day!)

Monday, February 22, 2010

out of this WORLD!

so this weekend i planned an extreme makeover of sorts for my son charlie's room. as a second child he has seen his share of hand me downs. now trust me that does not bode well when your hand me downs are coming from your "sister"...yes a girl. but in my defense and for the record he has never worn panties, dresses or pink tutu's... oh wait he has worn a pink tutu. but, in his defense he did have camouflage shorts on underneath. and also i never blog personal items on my blog this time i MUST! so on with the project: i chose a company call red violet creations...please call them if you are looking to "liven up your space". they are the best!!!! so you know how miami goes. i thought they were going to be an hour late starting each day. take a 2 hour lunch break and then cut out around 3-4. NOPE!!! they were on time every day, ate a can of tuna fish that they brought with them...(so i suspect they only took about a 15-30 minute lunch break) and stayed until the sun went down. i'm fairly certain they would have stayed longer but there is almost no artificial light in charlie's room so it was either work in the dark or call it a day. they were very professional and incredibly pleasant and zoe loved catalina hair braid! so there you go catalina...rave reviews from my fashion diva zoe. enough shanna! look at the amazing results! click here to: "liven up your space"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

yummy twin girls...

meet alexa and tory. ok, so i know i was raving about my boat shoot earlier but these cuties are way better than any boat! these little girlies were so good and made my job very easy. they are "b2b babies" and i'm so excited to watch them grow and change over the next year...stay tuned. oh yeah...alexa is the one with more hair.

alexa's beatiful long lashes...

there i go again...cracking her up!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A girl accustom to a certain lifestyle...

thanks a lot menniger i can never do another shoot unless it's on a big, beautiful, glamorous sailboat. (are there such things as sailboat photographers?) maybe i could get a job on a cruise ship taking those goofy photos that everyone comes home with? what fun we had! i hope you guys had a fraction of the fun i had! and the best children...great listeners and great ideas. here's a little preview. and if anyone reading this has a boat, flat in paris, farm house in tuscany, chalet in geneva, private me, call me...i'm the photographer for you! :)

thanks guys you were my favorite shoot ever! (sorry to everyone else...but c'mon!)

Monday, February 8, 2010


becky and oliver welcomed claire into the world less than two weeks ago. claire and i did a little hanging out this morning....well she hung out while i frantically photographed her. she is just delicious!! and such a sleepy headed good girl. claire is a bellies 2 babies exclusive club member :) so watch for her 6 month shoot. thanks to aunt amy who generously purchased the b2b package for her little sis. i give to you...drum roll please... the lovely miss claire! (who might i add has more clothes that anyone reading my blog!)

(this one was mom's idea...good one becky!)

so girly!

eveyone needs a cute little knick knack sitting around like this one!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

who dat?

happy super bowl day! and who dat? a mystery family? yes. (had so much fun with you guys!)

we released the balloons back in to the wild!

i love this one. (you know how i feel about mommy and daddy love!)

doesn't this just tug at your heart? (sorry I couldn't resist, happy valentine's day) hey mom, great custom valentine's cards!

pay attention...hard work pays off. after much studying of this map ethan found the shanna nye photography treasure box!

pretty stinkin' cute!


lordy pete...don't you just want to nibble him!