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Monday, July 18, 2011

Max has maxed out :( boo hiss

max is one of my recent b2b baby grads! and if you follow my blog you know what i'm hoping for... yep hopefully mommy get's knock up again soon! {i know, i know...i'm so inappropriate}

it's been a great year filled with beautiful shoots of max. i'm really not very creative, so when moms come to me with good ideas it makes my job so easy. the ideas don't have to be big and elaborate, so many moms get quite worked up about their shoots when it's really not necessary. my favorite shot from this shoot was at the very end. stacy whipped out this super cute tee and some hair gel and in two seconds max was transformed into "ROCKIN' DIAPER DUDE"!

thanks guys!

if this shot doesn't make the bar mitzvah video then I shall take legal action!

but wait max don't start thinking "you're all cool" need i remind you that you are wearing a diaper with that cool tee and spiked hair!

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